Designed for Performance Maximization. Iptim is an easy to use system for forestry that empowers foresters, engineers and investors to make better decisions with their own field data.

Iptim : Integrated Planning for Timberland Management

Iptim is a simple industry-specific software that delivers full-cycle timberland planning and management solution, enabling your team to plan for the future while maintaining greater oversight of current operations.

One simple tool with an infinite number of practical solutions to improve business efficiency and grow the company's bottom line.




Data Management

With Iptim's suite of tools, determine the current state of timberland assets, assess forest inventory and store this essential data in Iptim for use in your calculations, planning, and optimization of all company resources.


Modeling power

Iptim helps you in modeling the yields of harvested products, timber prices and different costs - the whole process. Completely customizable using your own data, Iptim shows you the future – today


Planning made easy

Iptim's planning tools enable your team to compare a variety of management options to develop the most sustainable use of your timberland and other assets. Map the most profitable path in detail.


Fastest Deployment

Iptim's modular suite of timber management tools integrates data from all existing sources, granting you complete control of company data from Day One. There's no down time or steep learning curve with Iptim.

Enabling Forest Planners all over the world!

Iptim delivers more than a suite of timber industry tools – enhance your company's potential for improved margins, more efficient delivery of product, more accurate projection models, better utilization of assets and identification of potential challenges before they become problems.

Iptim delivers solutions to forest planners across the globe.

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